Friday, January 22, 2016

Going for the Blogosphere!

by Robert W. Walker

While an author needs be cautious with BSP-–Blatant SELF-Promotion-–as it can be as off-putting as SPAM, there are professional techniques. For instance, learn what is acceptable or not when on a given site/chat group. Below are acceptable forms of BSP-ing every author should look into:

Sig line: We all know to beef up emails with a signature line—always a good idea, but many folks on various groups are terribly put off by our doing a full-blown commercial for our books on their “space”. This said there are legit ways to gain attention for a forthcoming book.

Set up a blog from your series/main character’s point of view or your own perspective. Many authors are doing this these days. Setting up a blog is easy at Google spot easy to navigate.

Set up a Group-a-Blog! Yes, a group of us Chicago mystery and suspense writers are an example at Acme Authors(http.//’s great as you’re only responsible for content one day per week. We began as Chicago authors but recently have added on, and we have frequent interviews and guests. A group-a-blog that involves many authors also means a built in support group!

Set up a website most assuredly! An author needs an online address to promote herself, set up free advice, contests, and giveaways as I have at It is so important that people can find you and your books—public figure that you are.

Join the web Bandwagon! How many times this week did you hear the word Twitter? Check out and join as with other seriously large social groups online like, www.myspace,com,, of which allow you to “network” online, building connections so that “your web” grows larger said the spider to the fly.

Cross pollinate! Once you’re part of a huge social network, lure readers to your work via your various addresses while being your wonderful self (if they like you, they buy your book!). Humor and interesting content is how you Pied Piper people to your blog and website. I’m on and in addition to all of the above. You tell people at the various bandwagon sites in quick bites where they can find the whole meal deal at your site and your blog. You suggest, cajole, urge folks over without a smell of leftover Spam by providing a url, which allows Dick and Jane to decide and not you for them. Meanwhile, you can also duplicate your blog efforts (articles) to play on some of these bandwagon sites (cut and paste your original blog, and it does double or triple-duty at myspace, facebook, crimespace blogs. It’s how we got through college—making one research paper do double duty in more than one class/venue! You can also catch my articles on writing at Does it keep me busy? Yes. Does it pull me away from my next book project? Yes. Is it worth it? By all means.

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