Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stay in Front of Your Audience

by Morgan St. James

Posting blogs on multiple sites can be extremely time-consuming, but let’s face it—that’s what drives readers to your website. So here are a couple of hints to make it a little more effective.

Compose your post in Word, off-line instead of doing it directly on the site. Save it as an HTML document which will help preserve the formatting. Then copy it and paste it into each of the blogs or journals you submit posts to. Customize certain parts of it for the particular readership before you do the final post. That way you only have to do some edits on the same post for multiple sites to personalize them rather than writing a separate piece for each.
Did you know that through an RSS feed your Live Journal can automatically post to your author’s page on and All you have to do is click the RSS syndication button one time and from that time on, whenever you post to Live Journal it will automatically appear on the Amazon and Borders sites as well.

Readers like to think of you as a person as well as an author. When you post on various sites, mention some personal facts or experiences that you think would be interesting. It’s important to be able to connect in that way with your readers and future readers and writers. After a library authors’ panel, a girl about eleven years old approached me. Her father said she was shy but he encouraged her to go for it. I was delighted to spend some time with her.

One of the things I told this young girl was to start writing and not to worry about whether it was perfect. Just get into the habit of putting her thoughts on paper and being able to read them later. I posted how important it was to me to be able to share what I’ve learned with others. That post produced several comments from readers.

Save as many e-mail addresses as you can in a special address book file. I learned that the hard way. Either I didn’t save the addresses, or did without any note about why I had them. When it came time to send out announcements, my list was very slim. Now I have an address file called “Book Announcements.” I don’t have to wonder why those names are on that list, and notify them every time I have new publication.

If you don’t already use one, create a signature with your websites or blog addresses, current books, stories and announcements of upcoming ones. You might want to store more than one type of signature, depending upon the content of your message. I keep one for Silver Sisters, a personal one and one for Sisters in Crime. That makes it easy to choose which one to use. Happy posting.

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Marja said...

Thank you for some great tips, Morgan. You've done a great job and maybe this will help some of us.
Marja McGraw