Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lea Wait Guest Blogs About Her Shadows Antique Mystery Series

Welcome back to Mysterious Writers, Lea. I write about senior women, so I'm  happy to have you join us here. 
Seniors need to stick together, and since I’m celebrating my 67th this week … I qualify, and I’m definitely feeling the need for some senior society!
But I’ve had fun in the past month, celebrating the release of the sixth in my Shadows Antique Print Mystery series, with the wedding of my protagonist, Maggie Summer’s, best friend, Gussie White in Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding. Gussie’s over fifty, and in a wheelchair because of post polio syndrome, but she’s one of my favorite people to write about because she’s spunky and bright and she doesn’t let a little thing like being in a chair hold her back. She runs her own business, and she’s finally decided to let her lawyer beau marry her. (He’s a pretty smart guy to do that, too.) I loved choosing wedding gifts for them.
I’ve always planned to set a mystery on Cape Cod, where Gussie lives – and having her finally get married seemed the perfect excuse to do that. Plus, every wedding has its own built in last minute panics, and, of course, in a mystery those panics are magnified. If a usual wedding has a teetering wedding cake .. this wedding has a … but I’m not going to give away all the secrets.
I can say that the mother of the groom has her own ideas about the wedding … the maid of honor finds a body on the beach …a late season hurricane bears down on everything … and Maggie Summer herself is distracted, not only by the wedding preparations and helping Gussie to move her store and her home … but also by a major decision she’s made that she hasn’t told her own guy about. And, of course, he’ll be at the wedding. And she has to tell him.
Since it’s a Shadows Antique Print Mystery, and both Maggie and Gussie are antique dealers, (Maggie’s an antique print dealer; Gussie deals in antique dolls and toys,) there’s plenty of talk about antiques, and the antiques even provide a few clues along the way.
But then hurricane winds and bullets start flying, and tempers are out of control, too. And I’m hoping there are enough hidden twists and surprises behind the doors of this Cape community to keep all my readers happy. 
Maine author Lea Wait writes the Shadows Antique Print Mystery series, staring protagonist Maggie Summer. Sixth in the series, Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding was released this week. The first novel in the series was an Agatha nominee reviewed by the New York Times and has been well received. She also writes historical novels based in Maine for her juvenile readers.


Jean Henry Mead said...

Welcome back to Mysterious Writers, Lea. Your series is fascinating.

Pat Browning said...

Great guest blog, Leo and Jean. Lea, I have your Cape Cod wedding SHADOWS on my Kindle for PC, and hope to get to it soon. My move from OK to CA was more upsetting than I counted on. I think my body is struggling with the time change. But never mind -- I look forward to reading your book.

Pat Browning said...

Sorry. Lost my comment when I chose my identity. Looking forward to reading your book, Lea.

Lea Wait said...

Thanks for having me, Jean!

James McNulty said...

Yes! We seniors(that doesn't mean old by any means)need to stick together. You have done an excellent job on your blog and I enjoy it very much.
Before, I became SENIOR I never had time to sit and write much...